“I do not have prior piano experience, and Dr. Toth made the course very enjoyable. It can be challenging at times, but has helped me learned a new skill and I am very glad that I took this class. Also, I like that we learned music theory in addition to how to play the piano.” A student from Fairleigh Dickinson University

“Dr. Toth I thought was an amazing music professor. If you were to ever take piano lessons at FDU, I would highly recommend taking his class. I plan to take his class again next semester as well and really enjoyed having him.” A student from Fairleigh Dickinson University

“Peter is a phenomenal teacher and musician! He has an innate ability to make every moment on the piano beautiful and can easily demonstrate that process and technique. His talent makes me strive to be better and practice. Thank you Peter!” CJ Sciara, Elefante Music

“Peter is an awesome teacher because he always plays every song before I learn it so I know what it sounds like. I like how he teaches the song with the left and the right hand separately so it is easy to play. I am very happy to have an awesome teacher.” Darius Sarkardei, Elefante Music