Meet our instructor

Peter Toth moved to New Jersey in 2015, and quickly became a much sought-after piano instructor in North Jersey, currently teaching over thirty students. He holds a doctoral degree in piano performance (The University of Texas at Austin, 2015), and a master’s degree in piano performance and instruction (Franz Liszt Academy of Music, 2008). As a professional concert pianist, Dr. Toth has garnered several awards and performed all over the world. To read his full bio, click here .

As a result of his effective teaching style rooted in the European tradition of music education, Dr. Toth’s students have performed at Carnegie Hall, won top prizes at music competitions, and obtained excellent scores through various music evaluation programs, such as the Royal Conservatory Music Certificate Program. He also teaches piano at Fairleigh Dickinson University and Elefante Music.

Dr. Toth strongly believes that each student is unique and different. Hence, he tailors his approach according to the students’ needs and interests. With beginners, he focuses on the acquisition of proper posture, fluid technique, and music reading. He also teaches the basics of music theory, an essential component in order to perform pieces successfully from memory. With intermediate and advanced players, he works more on performance style and expression, while perfecting their previously acquired music skills.

Although not all of his students wish to pursue a music career, Dr. Toth teaches them just as devotedly as he teaches professional musicians because they gain much more than mere proficiency. Music is a powerful discipline through which he develops his students’ dedication, creativity, concentration, and confidence, fundamental skills that they can use not only in their professions but in their daily lives as well.